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Let's Rewrite your
health story

Peak Menopause Coaching, Jennifer Berryhill


I’m Jen, and I’m so glad you’re here!

First of all, let’s get one thing straight.  

You aren’t broken.  You don’t need to be ‘fixed’. 

It’s time to stop fighting your body and figure out your unique path to Peak Menopause. 

Jennifer Berryhill, Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate
Jennifer Berryhill, Certified Health and Wellness Coach
Jennifer Berryhill, MedFit Education Foundation Specialist
Jennifer Berryhill, National Association of Sports Medicine

Believe in your own brillance

Because the comfort zone is where your potential is held captive.  Every breakthrough you make will lead you one step closer to your healthiest life.

Holistic Health Coaching, Jennifer Berryhill

No sugarcoating reality here. 

How will you ‘meet the moment’ and make the most of the midlife transition that’s in front of you right now?

Peak Menopause Coaching, Services

I'll be your guide and strongest supporter

And when the conversation feels challenging, that means you're making progress

Peak Menopause Coaching
Jennifer Berryhill, Certified health and wellness coach
Peak Menopause Coaching
Peak Menopause Coaching, Wellness Coaching for Women

Always go a bit further into the water than you feel you're capable of being in. Go a little bit out of your depth, and when you don't feel that your feet are quite touching the bottom, you're just about in the right place to do something exciting.

David Bowie 

Mindful Menopause Moments

You want solutions that are fast-paced, challenging, and life-changing. Let me help you discover the perfect plan for real results.


I created a system of Mindful Menopause Moments that will help remind you that you can hit the ‘restart button’ any time you want in life. Your age doesn’t matter!  

Here, we ditch the quick-fix thinking, and we don’t worry about making mistakes!

Jennifer Berryhill, Fitness and Nutrition Coaching for Women

What we can work on

  • Lifestyle Adjustments to Manage Menopause Symptoms

  • Sleep Hygiene 

  • Weight Loss Strategy

  • Mindful Alcohol Consumption 

  • Implementing a Physician-directed Plan

  • Stress Management & Work-Life Balance

  • Breaking Free from Chaotic Eating 

  • Exercise and Mobility Training

  • Injury Prevention and Balance Training

  • Recovery, Rest, & Renewal Plans

         (for real life!)

As women, we are blessed with the ability to travel through the miraculous canvas of life, experiencing all of its twists and turns. 

But perimenopause and menopause can rock your world and make you feel like a boat out at sea in the middle of a storm.

How to empower yourself and lead others

 Is it an indescribable feeling that something just feels “off”?

Is it time to ditch the cycle of chaotic eating, and overhaul your nutritional approach?

Is it the perfect moment to jump into a completely new career or a new direction?

If you said yes to any of this, then I’m the coach for you!

This is your season to thrive.

Is there a voice in your head that says things that aren’t even true, or aren’t even nice?  Do you believe it? Let’s break that down and throw those messages out the window!


When we embrace the current season for its imperfections and opportunities, we find a way to thrive. Remember, avoidance is the enemy of progress, so be brave!


Who you become will be forged through the journey you take, and it will be worth it.

What Clients Are Saying

 Looking back is no longer an option. I'm focused and moving forward to a future with less self-judgment, worry, and confusion. I’m feeling a new sense of bravery, knowing I can call on Jen for any bumps in the road. Having grown through many adversities, I am more aware now about what I have to do to stay on my course with intention.


"Mid-life has felt like a barrage of curve-balls, with huge increases in stress and chronic health issues, along with big career and family changes. Despite a long history of self-blame and shame, I've always felt comfortable and accepted in coaching sessions with Jen. She makes it easy to shift out of an unhelpful mindset and into one of positivity, optimism, and even excitement around doing the work needed to redirect my health and wellness. ” 



"Her reflections were holistic, taking into account more than just my physical body. She helped me to unearth self-limiting fears of injury that were keeping me from even starting to train for the biggest physical challenge I’ve ever attempted. I’ve achieved many milestone moments since working with her, and I’m grateful for the rich experiences that I would have missed if I had stayed stuck."

Peak Menopause Coaching

Let’s start the adventure of exploring who you are and what you want from this glorious life!​

Yes, you can Rewrite Your Health Story! 

Peak Menopause Coaching
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