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menopause coaching

Lifestyle coach for women's health
"Jen’s compassionate & validating presence helped me chart a safe path forward, break through paralyzing beliefs, and bring about the changes I needed.  I felt motivated and empowered—I still keep a visual reminder of our work to keep myself focused."


“I wholeheartedly felt invited into a journey of self-discovery and a transformative process to reframe my menopause transition. Jen helped me envision a life with more balance, perspective, and awe. She asked me spectacular questions with such empathy."


 "After a deep-dive into how emotions & stress were driving my ability to control my food intake, I began to see a new way forward.  She is patient, supportive, and empathetic — you don’t feel like you’re working with a drill sergeant, but a caring friend who isn’t afraid to speak the truth."


"Jen has this amazing way of holding up a mirror to reality and showed me real actionable solutions. I didn't want to meditate all day!  I finally was able to break free from the daily anxiety that I was losing a deep connection with my body."

Sara Beth

 "Mid-life career pivots and menopause are challenging! Working with Jen has been a transformative journey. I highly recommend Jen to anyone seeking a coaching experience that goes beyond the ordinary."


"Her reflections were holistic, taking into account more than just my physical body. She helped me to unearth self-limiting fears of injury that were keeping me from even starting to train for the biggest physical challenge I’ve ever attempted. I’ve achieved many milestone moments since working with her, and I’m grateful for the rich experiences that I would have missed if I had stayed stuck."


Mind-body wellness coaching for women
Jennifer Berryhill, Certified Health and Wellness Coach,
"I wanted to reach out to thank you for your coaching time with me.  It is very clear that you not only have the knowledge and expertise in your field but you also have that rare quality of being approachable.  You made me feel completely at ease and I genuinely sensed your care for my well being. You said that our bodies were made to move and my goal is to do that for strength and flexibility and a better quality of life. Thanks, Jen. You are the real deal!”


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