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menopause coaching

My Fitness Approach

Whatever feels good and right, and the correct challenge for you on any given day.  

Really. That’s it. You get to choose! 

Don’t forget that every workout is a milestone, my friend.  Sometimes it’s hard to show up—sometimes you feel like you’ve got to move mountains to make that workout happen.  

Every time matters. 

Let’s explore what your ideal fitness menu should look like. 


What if instead of thinking about our bodies and what we can and can’t sometimes do about them, we instead started focusing inside, and thought about our inner-strengths.


If our energy went toward feeding our real dreams, is it possible that the weight would just take care of itself?  

Fitness Coaching, menopause

Don’t get me wrong…hard work is required, but when you do it with the spirit of joy and self-care, then the results can be magical.

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