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menopause coaching

Virtual Services

Let's Chart Your Path. All paid services are 45 minutes.

 Every choice you make has an end result. What’s the outcome you desire?

Menopause Health Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, Mindfulness Coaching, or FitnessTraining-- Peak Menopause redefined for your unique needs and goals.

holistic health coach for women
empowering women's health coaching

Initial Consultation

It’s on me! Join me for a complimentary session.

Pull up a stool, grab a cup of coffee & let’s get to know each other!

30 minutes. 

If you are interested in receiving benefits under their HSA/FSA for Health Coaching, you should consult your physician to discuss your medical treatment and care plan. I am happy to advise.

Packages & Memberships

If you are interested in purchasing a Package from Peak Menopause Coaching, please send Jen a message, and we can manage the purchase for you and send an invoice. All packages and memberships are listed below. 


Looking for a little bit of everything?  Are you ready to commit to a consistent plan with accountability?

Save with our Monthly Membership options!


4 services for $399 per month*

*3 month minimum

8 services for $749 per month*

*6 month minimum  

Offering 10  transformative sessions to reset your trajectory.


Start the climb and find the growth you are seeking on the way!

Explore your ideal vision for overall well being.  Uncover your unique strengths and target the core struggles that get in the way of your goals.

10 to Transform! Reset your Health Plan

3 Sessions:Turn toward your struggles in a new way! 

Just what you needed on those overwhelming days! Come join me for 3 sessions to manage your daily stress load, which includes a personalized 10-20 minute guided meditation.

Take control of your day and let’s redirect you toward gratitude, awareness, and even playfulness.

Mindful Menopause: Break the Stress Cycle

20 Sessions to Craft your Vision!

This is a Wellness Makeover that brings immediate results.

You’ll feel empowered to act right away, and you'll be held accountable.  

We explore what you want most.  Can you focus, pay attention, and incorporate multiple points of view? Let’s expand our flexibility and resilience!

Maximize your Menopause Potential

It's all about the food, right?


Losing fat after age 35 is not about discipline so much as what to eat, when to eat it, and how your food talks to your hormones.

Let’s celebrate the joy of eating and why we make the choices we do.  Food habits can be changed. Food is more than just fuel. Nutrition coaching redefined for you. 


What’s on the end of your fork?

Kitchen Counter Sessions

nutrition coaching for menopause
nutrition coaching for women

6 Sessions: Work Smarter Not Harder!

Let’s plan for resistance training, flexibility, and functional movement. 

I create a customized movement plan that honors where you are now and any limitations we need to consider. 


Want something a little different? I can create a custom package according to your unique goals.

Maximize your Mobility Plan

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